Dark Funeral — Armageddon Finally Comes lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Armageddon Finally Comes" by Dark Funeral.


The earth quakes, and the seas are rising.
As the warlock look deep into the flames.
The fire of evil, are reflected in his abysmal eyes.
As he calls upon the ancient ones.
I call upon thee, keeper of the darkest flame.
To drink from the chalice of souls.
I call upon thee, king of all beasts.
Lord of the hunt, silent stalker of the night.
I call upon thee, keeper of all hatred and anguish.
The one who holds the cosmic pain.
I call upon thee, custodian of the infernal legions.
God of war and the hatred storms.
The sky spit flames, Armageddon has come.
The wrath of Satan descends upon this mortal world.
Men revert to beasts, suicidal despair for his glory.
Every mind is clutched in terror,
As a vortex of evil surrounds the warlock flames.
The legions of Satan trample through the flames.
The earth is scared and burned like dead skin.
Angels blood smirched the Nazarene divine kingdom.
Armageddon finally comes.
The wind carry ashes and the smell of burned flesh,
The rivers are filled with blood.
The mortals are captured in an irreversible strife for their souls,
Against the unyielding forces of… EVIL…
Armageddon finally comes.
Angels weep, as they slowly sink down the spears.
Their kingdom is gone, now ruled by the cloven hooves.
Once again the Nazarene whore is nailed,
But this time no devotees are left behind.