Dark Age — Zero lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Zero" by Dark Age.


1,2 is everybody ready too?
3,4 push me just a little more
5,6 no more will I take the kicks
7,8 cause I am fucking full of hate
Energy raging in a state of alert
They pushed my chemicals a little too far
Day for day (they left) my prayers unheard
The feelings like a dying star
It is my one way run with a secret to keep
No remorse if you know what I mean
An act of love to the ones who sleep
My martyrium unleashed unseen
Realize, I have no time to loose
When there is nothing to choose
I am a Time bomb with a sensitive fuse
Realize that the one that you fear is real
And I am down to Zero
Realize I have nothing to loose
When there is nothing to choose
You hold on revenge and fatal abuse
Realize that the only way out is to make them feel
Countdown to the second hater attack
I have a need stepping out of the line
And you are the one who will be part of my game
Behind the scenes take it all what is mine
Give attention please, this is a permanent style
Change the surface for a better grip
Glass and blood, know the queen of my trials
You are the tear on my punishing trip
I am the steam hammer
Own my way to eternity