Dark Age — The Silent Republic lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Silent Republic" by Dark Age.


I am just an innocent Bastard
What can you expect from me?
My energy is empty —
My batteries run low
Life leads into a hopeless situation
Leaves me with a broken motivation
I can’t try harder
No one who fights more than me I don’t want to try no more
I don’t really want to cry no more
This time I quit
No place for me to fit
I don’t want to give no more
I don’t really want to live no more
This world is sick
Welcome to the Silent Republic…
I know we share this feeling
I know the pain you hide
You’re sick of your senseless being
attracted to suicide
Agonized by the fools who don’t care
We will break from the truth of despair
No one tries harder
No one who fights more than us…
We don’t want to try no more
We don’t really want to cry no more
This time we quit
No place for us to fit
We don’t want to give no more
We don’t really want to live no more
You think we’re sick?
We are the silent Republic…