Dark Age — Out of Time lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Out of Time" by Dark Age.


I am lurking in daily routine
and dreaming my life ahead
deferring the goals in life
there is wisdom in the eye of tomorrow
so I better sleep today
slowly trying to revive
as suddenly the watch hour
calls upon my name
I am running out of time
feeling how it outgrows
more and more behind
no faith in me peace out of sight
I am running out of time
seeing how weakness shows
as I am fading
it’s all to soon
So you learn from your mistakes
I tried it all and turned away
everyone seems to run
collateral concessions build my world
so I leave to find a start
to finish up on my ending
with a fistfull of tears
remember me how hard I tried
Memory has been erased again
all their eyes
watching me fall
memory has been erased again
all their eyes
wanting this so long