Dark Age — Neokillers lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Neokillers" by Dark Age.


Fear out of dreams
To escape from today
And as long as it means
To assure this decay
The pureness on earth
Has infected the curse
Now come on We are neokillers baby,
Destroyers of the universe
This Steady cold age of distant minds
Has abandoned all the harmony needs
Inject their dreams with a personal rage
And you will grow steel out of the seeds
Take machines and
Give them a soul
The serum for a new stagnation
Fake the real
By what it means
Alpha gods and sensation
The Auditory grace is system fixed
And ignorant with an attitude
(Our) instincts show no way to relief
And reload the tired samplitude
Destroy and heal
Destroy and heal
Modern reputation
Destroy and heal
Destroy and heal
Human domination
Virtual shelters of hiding ghosts
Cold age of distance
Take the machines
And arise them from god