Dark Age — Minus Exitus lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Minus Exitus" by Dark Age.


I don’t see who we are, I don’t see what we are
I don’t see who we are, I don’t see where we are
This world grows an old believer
Where progress means decay
Death as a tempting diva
Tomorrow is yesterday
Dying for a new reality
Who sold it to the ones who sleep?
The death of one is no more tragedy
Statistics have now taken the lead
And we’ve been searching for ages
Pain and Guilt no one able to see
That life needs death inside a world so unstable
No new belief, rewritten history
How shall we all overcome
When there are no dreams that guide
How to feel inside? I say…
How shall this world overcome
When there is just death that decides
When to believe in life? I say…
Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you be it?
So what do you die for if absence realigns
For rapture it will need more
In death lies life divine
Mortal reactions and the mankind tree
are drying out the rains of gold
Integrity- lack of identity
Carry one what is left untold
Do you hear me?
GO, GO As we run our spirits pass the timeline
Leaving the organic
Touching earthless life