Dark Age — Black September lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Black September" by Dark Age.


I am the darkest rising
A star that kisses the sky
Faithfully I consume your features
With an injected lie
Bury me — and I’ll bury you
Against the odds, it’s all I do Plain whise but you came
While calling imperialistic lies
Thunder bleeds our purple skies
Carry me to the son who cries
Your caring hearts are full of grain
Our dying children are insane
Will it be today or will it be tomorow?
It is whatever you say…
…because it feels so real to believe that I heal
No, I am your black september
Unfaithful cries in unfaithful times
Father, fake the colours
I preach them every day
Black blood calls the dollars
Down with life and peace I say
I can hear them talk to me Fearfull faces all I see
No one climbs the golden tree
So sorry for what we cannot be