Dark Age — Black Evergate lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Black Evergate" by Dark Age.


«From time to time an angel dies
Kill me please, I love their cries
A lonely death will be my fate
Open the black evergate»
Blinded by trust, the servant tries harder
The loss he had felt…
The wings of his faith were burning since silence
But how could he know.
The will to ignore is always the reason
for the roots of our hate
Banished and banned from the twilight of heterosexuality,
the servant dies harder
And alone aimed towards the perfection of life
Their holy crown broken
Not knowing the awaiting of his death
soon to come
His broken life replaced by faith…
As he came up to heaven,
his confidence still strong
But the angels were crying
No answers, no hope, no return
The servant had learned …