Dark Age — All The Unfullfilled lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "All The Unfullfilled" by Dark Age.


I have come here craving, resisting my reliance
And still I am falling, escaping the asylum
Oh, I wish that some day
I will stand up in silence and peace
Without affecting my lifestyle
«I feel so isolated and disconnected from the happy»
It’s all that I want, it’s all that I need
All you unfulfilled, you’ve been living illusions
To all you unfulfilled, where you are solutions?
All my life affecting to knowing and sensing
Without the triumph of owning yourself
I feel proceeded, there’s got to be more than this
I feel so lost, when there’s no one
Who can teach me the value of life
To all you unfulfilled
I came here to say but nothing
To all you unfulfilled
I came here to show but nothing