Dark Age — 10 Steps To Nausea lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "10 Steps To Nausea" by Dark Age.


Step 1, Step 2
We’re shaking hands, don’t like you too
Step 3, Step 4
Our egos call, now I want more
Hands on your rifles
were facing cash on fragile ground
For bloody skae…
now my skills are worth, the bills unbound
My trifle has come here a long way, stranger
I wonder if you got it close
But all I can show, as a weak man, stranger,
is that I just killed for the pose
Step5, Step 6
Let’s play the game, I know your tricks
Step 7, Step 8
I’m falling back, it’s not too late
Again has proven
who washes hands in others blood
It’s you and me,
the one who looses cannot see
Give in to something — Give in to nothing