Dara Maclean — Nobody But You lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Nobody But You" by Dara Maclean.


Look what You did, what You did, what You did
Look what You did, what You did, what You did
You make it look so effortless
How the sunset shouts and the rocks cry
How did You imagine this
So beautiful
Complete and undeniable
Even to the souls who don’t even know
You are responsible
It’s beautiful, so beautiful
Nobody, nobody, uh uh nobody but You can do what You do
Who could love me better, lives forever making all things new
Nobody but You
All You had to do was speak
And all the lights turned on
And creation’s song became Your symphony
Singing beautiful
But deeper is the mystery
That I am precious in Your sight and You choose to
Write me in Your melody
You call me beautiful, so beautiful
It’s beautiful, You’re beautiful
You put the soul in James Brown, the down in downtown
You throw a party in the clouds when the lost get found
You put the mind in Einstein, the gold in gold mines
And every day You find a way to save my life
You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful, it’s beautiful
You’re beautiful, You’re so beautiful