Damien Leith — Faith in Me lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Faith in Me" by Damien Leith.


Life took me down
Tore my world apart
Now I stand here alone
With a broken heart
No one thought I could make it
Without You by My Side
But I’m back up on my feet
I’m my own guiding light
Cos I have faith in me
I have faith in me
I will survive, I’ll find a better life
Cos you see, I have faith in me
So let the lightening strike
Let the thunder roll
Bring it on, bring it on
I can take any blows
I can swim any river,
I can cross any sea
I will walk on and on, hold my head high I am strong
I have Faith in Me x 2
Down this broken road I go, this much I know
I have Faith in Me x 2
I know that I’ll, I’ll stay alive
Cos you see, I have Faith in Me