Crystal Palace — Stunned By the Silence lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stunned By the Silence" by Crystal Palace.


Watch the President,
Weeping on the news.
For lives that were lost,
Attending class at school.
A coward will free guns,
Turn this place to hell.
It’s 20 of them, kids.
On that morning fell,
They paid the ultimate price.
They paid…
A coward will free guns,
Disillusion risks life.
Rampaged through these halls,
Withering to kill and die.
Those teachers that stood up,
To save defenceless kids.
These heroes in our hands,
Paid the ultimate price.
They paid the ultimate price.
They paid the ultimate price.
That man has blown out the lights,
And 20 children’s lives.
Now Christmas presents lie,
Unopened on the floor.
Red eyes filled with tears,
Staring in the dark.
They’re stunned by the silence,
When our children’s laughter is heard.
Laughter is heard.
How can we love this night?
All that remains is hurt.
While this year’s Christmas bounce talks empty in a chill.
Don’t set me in the distance,
Don’t set me feeling ill.
Stunned by the silence,
By the silence,
By the silence,
By the silence.
One by one.