Cryptic Forest — Winterstorms lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Winterstorms" by Cryptic Forest.


Blizzards from the split sky,
Cause the rising sun to die,
Winter darkness trapped the World,
Blackening the crystal land.
Crevasses scarred world’s face,
A make up of glacial carapace,
A frozen mien of shivered fear,
Caught emotion at the blizzard’s burst.
All is reigned by stinging cold,
All is glassy and glazed,
Wolves are howling at the moon,
It seems death is coming soon.
The berserk raging winterstorms,
Takes nature’s breath away,
All is smashed and bowed,
A Nightmare, ice cold.
Winterstorms of might and greed,
Extend their supernal realm
Mereiless they conquer all
Leaving the World black and white.