Corey Smith — Could've Been Friends lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Could've Been Friends" by Corey Smith.


There’s a picture my mama kept in a drawer
She pulled it out of the trash after I said we were over for sure
She must have known that one day the heartache would end
I’d come to terms with the past and wanna' see that picture again
Turns out Mama was right
'Cause I’m wonderin' about you tonight
Senior prom in the palm of my hand
Wishin' we could have been friends
We took a chance one night on the hood of my car
Couldn’t hold back anymore though you swore we’d never go that far
But playin' it safe never felt nearly as good
As playin' those games in the dark, pushin' you as far as I could
Maybe it was a mistake
Stealin' all of the love I could make
And this hurtin' is the price for the sin
Yeah, I wish we just could have been friends
The last word you heard was far from the truth
The cruelest thing I’d ever spoken
And there’s no way to tell you how sorry I am
'Cause every bond has been broken
Yeah, the loose ends are choking me now
Life’s been good to me and I’m sure it’s been good to you
I found a true love and heard that you did, too
Now you’re up in Manhattan, the big city sure suits you well
Well, I’m still in this small town but I’m making a name for myself
There’s no shadow of a doubt
Honey, we would have never worked out
It was all for the best in the end
Still, I wish we could have been friends
Oh, I wish we could have been friends
I wish we could have been
There’s a picture my mama kept in a drawer
I stumbled across it and I can’t bear to look at it no more