Conejo — China White lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "China White" by Conejo.


China White We Back
We On That Gates Of Hell Shit Right Now
You Know What I’m Talking About
Big C-Rock
I Said Big C-Rock
Feel This
A Real G Die
But His Spirit Won’t Leave
I’m A Shaman I’m A Seer
Got It Misconceived
Call Me Freddy Krueger
Ese Conjure Man Move
Like The Ammo From Rugers
How Many Times
Does I Gots To Tell You?
I’m Possessed By The Session
Like The Dope I Sell You
Never Fail You
So Don’t Worry About Me
I’m Stepping On Toes
Young Trukos Get Rowdy
I’m A Chemist
The First Hit On The House
The Next One You Paying
Full Cash Amounts
Got My Vixen
She Hold My Arm When I’m Fixing
DJ Motiv8
Back In The Day Was Mixing
End Up Missing
Super Natural Powers
You Hear Me: I’m From Dead End
Give Your Girl Black Flowers
Get Devoured
In Less Than An Hour
The Ritual So Strong
It Bring Thunder Showers
China White It’s Like We’re Back At Your Old Studio
Smoking Primos Than A Muthafucker
Un Saludo Para El Homie Deporte
Homies 2−1-3
Yeah Notorious Enemy In The Fucking Building
Felony Case Records
Yo Soy Trukos
The Picture Vivid
Hungry Broke We Living
So I Take What I Want
Ain’t No One Out Giving
Life’s Hard
And Some Can’t Cope
They Start Killing Muthafuckers
That They See In They Scope
The Luggage Full Of Dope
Married To The Game
My Dick Was In Her Throat
Till I Fucken Came
I’m On The Prowl
The K — 9 Ain’t Notice
Hieroglyphic I. D
Book Of Rhymes — The Codex
My Departure
From The Repugnant Scene
In The Cut Getting Paper
Auto ‘ Teller ‘ Machine
The Color Of My Green
I Fight Demons When I Toke
Now Lets Reconvene
This Is Sorcery
All Year Around
Ese Gripping On My K
Just In Case I’m Found
Got The Powder
That Got You Twisted
And For Anxiety
I Got The Carga Enlisted
China White I’m Dozing Off My Boy
Get Bugs On The Land Line
Dile Que Le Caiga
Tattoo Ink
A Runway Model
Wanna Play With My Shit
We Took It To The Alley
Fuck The Pussy Real Quick
Never Slip
Out The Corner Of My Eye
The Unexpected Happen
A Government Spy
I Lost Em
I Unleashed A Spell
Send Ndoki — To Go Get Em
Send Em Straight To Hell
My Personnel
Are Spectral Forces
Making Sure Everything
Homie Run Its Courses
Empty Clips
Critical Chaotic
Cause Every Time I Bust
I Become Psychotic
That Come From Negative Thoughts
Ese One Hit Of Me
Leave You Bloody And Lost
I Was Up All Night
So I Woke Up Late
Psychic Gave A Reading
Said: Get That Cake
Tiger Snake
Highly Venomous
In Case They Try To Open
My Sarcophagus
Tiger Snake
Highly Venomous
In Case You Try To Open
My Sarcophagus
We Got Drogas, Sex & Gangsta Rap Music
What Else You Want?
That’s Where The Real’s At Anyways