Conejo — Change the World With a Bullet lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Change the World With a Bullet" by Conejo.


Slanging Dope In The Staircase
Apartment Building
Gang Related Is The Style
That I Keep On Bringing
Winged Creature
They Say I’m A Myth
But I’m A Real Muthafucker
From 25th
And Half These Fools
Is Catching The Blues
Incarcerated Cause They Raided
Made Bail By Noon
Coming Soon
I Mean Its Going Down
Release Date For Tomorrow
I’m A Conquer The Town
Ese Weed, Coke, Ice
Another Heist
C-4 To The Door
A Detonating Device
Then I’m Counting Them Stacks
I Show No Emotion
I’m Just Stating The Facts
I’m A Blizzard
The Devastation Is Graphic
I Gotta Watch My Back
I Got Drugs In Traffic
I’m Pornographic
Ask Your Fiancé
I Was Up In Her Culo
Just Thee Other Day
I’m Uninvited
Cause Mic’s Ignited
When I Step In The Building
Its Like: Enemy Sighted
Hoes Get Excited
When They See The Chrome
Its Official Its A War
By The Vocal Tone
Hold Up
Ese You Knowing My Status
Due Time Get Mine
I Cut In Front Of The Line
Radical Signs
Of Thee Apocalypse
Old Flick Homies Deep
Can’t Fuck With This
Pistol Whipping
Anyone Who Tripping
Plus Any Muthafucker
That I Catch Slipping
I’m Equipping
Ese All Of My Team
Bullet Proof Vest
And Them Infrared Beams
Bad Dreams
That Could Get Extreme
Exotic Blends Of Smoke
When I Puff That Green
Know What I Mean?
The Suicidal Type
I Pillage All Your Village
Give Your Wife The Pipe
A Shout Out To My Unit
For Moving Them Units
Madrid, London, Munich
They Bumping My Music
They Use It
For Astral Travel
I’ll Crack You In The Head
With The Judges Gavel
Your Concept Wack
And Your Lyrics Are Weak
Your Shit Don’t Sell
All 52 Weeks
I Leak It Slowly
Then Open Up The Gates
Go Against The H
And You In Dire Straits
The Flow Infinite
So You Get Dismissed
2 Gold Handcuffs
Around My Wrist
A Clenched Fist
Get Your Lights Turned Out
Ese This Is What Its Like
Day In Day Out
Analyze It
And Find My Paragraphs Be
Ese Murder In Your Ear
In The First Degree
High Voltage
The Plans I Devise
Sharp As A Razor
Leave You Paralyzed