Coatl — Mil Errores song lyrics and translation

The page contains the lyrics and English translation of the song "Mil Errores" by Coatl.


Desde hace tiempo no me siento bien
Ya no me siento agusto en esta piel
Veo al espejo y ya no se
Quien es ese monstro que me ve
Y no se
Desde hace tiempo nada me va bien
Ciclo vicioso al que vuelvo a caer
Veo a tus ojos y empiezo a llorar
Ya no se pueden dar pasos a tras
Y hoy te perdere, lo se
Fueron mil errores que me hicieron fallar
No guardes rencores no mires atras
Tengo tanto miedo de no poder seguir
Solo es cuestion de respirar y resistir

Lyrics translation

I haven't been feeling well for a while.
I don't feel comfortable in this skin anymore
I see in the mirror and no longer
Who is that monster that sees me
And I don't know
Nothing's been going well for a while.
Vicious cycle to which I fall again
I see your eyes and I start to cry
You can no longer take steps behind
And today you lose, I know
It was a thousand mistakes that made me fail
Don't hold grudges don't look back
I'm so afraid I can't go on
It's just a matter of breathing and resisting
Leave me