Club Hoy — Looking In lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Looking In" by Club Hoy.


I stand on your doorstep looking in
With the cold light of the streetlight on my back
Of all the needs that have shaken my body
There’s none that gives me pain like that
Don’t turn the radio on
(I want to curl up in your pocket)
I’ll just rest my hand upon your face
(Say the things I’ve never known)
It only takes twelve minutes by the freeway
(I want to die out on your rooftop)
To lose the touch of your taste
(Don't leave me alone)
Too shaken to speak to you
To look in your eyes
I shudder on the footpath
I can never quite say
I want to curl up in your pocket
And say the things that I’ve never known
I want to die out on your rooftop
Please don’t
Please don’t
Leave me alone
Leave me alone