Cindy-Leigh Boske — Life Is A Gift lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Life Is A Gift" by Cindy-Leigh Boske.


Sometimes I wonder how I got here
I’ve become all the things I said I wouldn’t be I never thought my life would end up this
But I keep holding onto the dreams within
A new chapter of my life is about to begin
Life is a gift we’ve been given each day
Full of dreams about tomorrow but were living for today
To live a little we need to love a lot
Life turns something little into
Something amazing
We’re brought up to know right
but sometimes we choose to go our own way
We live with our mistakes but we learn from them
And begin to love ourselves for who we are
So many thoughts run through my head
But I’ve found a peace from up above
Fear of tomorrow fade away with my tears
And I’m turning, turning a new page
Got to live a little