Chuck Mason — Reign lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Reign" by Chuck Mason.


Defy odds, define self, you know the motto
Yeah, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
(Laughs) oh shit
Reign, hol' up
All eyes on me, while I’m driving tre' eight with a bad chick
Flossing hard like a nigga never had shit
Trying to grind so my whole city shine
Give back, lower crime, make a broke nigga half rich
Flow wet — half baptist
Flow blessed — half Catholic
Flow nasty, momma told you niggas clean it up
Clean again, it ain’t clean enough
Don’t understand why rappers acting like they winning bruh, I don’t get
Your 'ho's ain’t thick enough, flows ain’t sick enough
I’mma act like I don’t give a fuck
Your dreams ain’t big enough, team ain’t big enough
You don’t chase millions bruh, you nickle dime bagging up
Trying to make a million huh
Petrol Billi' Bruh, I bathe in octane they gas me
Soaked this in nitro, sparked it with a nice flow
Now spectators speculating like it might blow
Call it lyric calisthenic no lypo
This is Propofol to mics, I’m sorry Michael, I might go
Conrad Murray on the mic bro
Kill that bitch bark with the mic bro
Bow down when they see me like an idol
I bring the beat back CPR revival
Red and blue gangs straight bang, not the hood as the menace
Men in the pen', white crooks in the senate
Shit, black crooks in the senate
Niggas theive everything except God’s minutes
What they gon' do fearing reign is infinite
What they gon' do fearing pain is imminent
Tried to steal my crown like my name ain’t in it
Murder everything to defend it
Defy odds, define self
Against all odds and anybody else
Make sure they fear that reign
Niggas couldn’t stop me then, what would make 'em think that they could stop me
Undefeateds lose titles like Pacquiao, salute a mother fucker like a Nazi now
I don’t sweat, no sir, but the blood on my crown
Scene’s so blurred, niggas wanting my crown seem so sure
But the blood on my crown is not mine, it’s fuck niggas who tried, failed, died,
and won’t learn
One nigga, two niggas, three niggas gon' front, gon' flex
Stunt for these bitches and front for these riches, boy these 'ho's is a mess
Gotta show these mother fuckers how a king move and believe me little homie I
ain’t talking 'bout chess
What’s it like to have a queen ride hard while you’re busting in public and I
ain’t talking 'bout sex
But I still let her fuck me with my crown on, got that wet let a nigga get his
drown on
Out the shower strapped without a towel on, made my head turn Illuminati owl on,
I smile on, prowl on
Niggas act like I ain’t get it from the dirt, so many nonbelievers
Their dreams got buried in the dirt, I get it, so many non-achievers
Niggas still acting like bitches when they’re rapping 'bout the brand
But won’t ever come and see me like a man (you feel me)
Mad 'bout these features, niggas can’t afford me
Self mad boss dog, niggas can’t ignore me
Progressive with the Flo', still can’t insure me
Rapping 'bout Brinks, naw still can’t secure me
King Tut’s Gold scripted by the pure me
Rapping ass niggas couldn’t lure me with the jewelry
I don’t know about a Basquiat, might cop a couple paintings Will Watson got
And reign from the throne waiting foes to approach this
Infrared beam on rap 'ho's I’m focused
What’d they do fearing reign so potent
What’d they do fearing pain so hopeless
Tried to steal my crown like my name ain’t on it
Murder any rapper that want it
Defy odds, define self
Against all odds and anybody else
Make sure they fear that reign