Christof — Love's Glory lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Love's Glory" by Christof.


The snow is breathing heavy
Through my windowsill, I swear to God it’s you
Its falling down like angels
They parade towards the surface past my room
They decorate the branches like you decorate my Wednesday
I was sad
I miss you, but in this cold
I wish you could warm me up instead
I know we’ve parted a long time now
I know I never really wanted to
I wasn’t very strong in conversations
Losing battle with my troops
But in the end I fought it till my victory and said that girl is fine
Stormed off for a burger
But I followed to warm you up till morning light
Well, ooh ooh ooh
Well, ooh ooh ooh
Everything surrounding like
Your perfume still reminds me every day
How I’d like to read you bedtime stories
Makes the glory anyway
Now you’ve really gone, you’re in the universe
Still I don’t know where
I really wish you’d come back and
Let me warm you up again
Well, ooh ooh ooh
Well, ooh ooh ooh