Christine Owman — Sinners lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Sinners" by Christine Owman.


How can I be broken if I’m not in love?
Reality caught up with me turtle dove
Why’s it necessary to catagorise?
And split from each other until the love dies
Why’s it we continue to be so afraid?
Love’s the biggest sin after getting laid
Reality checks up on me makes sure I can feel
So I surrender, before it I neal
We could love each other but what if we fall?
God help us when love becomes the shame of all
To hell is where we’ll go carrying our sins
When love’s the devil and where hell begins
In the end it always ends the same:
None of us confess it’s just part of the game
Either lose when one needs to be satisfied
Or lose when you’re both — with it the interest died