Chris Duarte Group — .32 Blues lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song ".32 Blues" by Chris Duarte Group.


I’m just here to get that money
Just this favor and it ain’t for me honey
So get your man, we’ll make this quick
Lord, I see you ain’t feeling too slick
You said he’d be back 'bout an hour ago
Oh, you look so bad
I can’t hang here no more
Feel that breeze by that back door
Lord, this house is a
Killing floor
Oh, he swung that bat right at my head
Just one more inch and I’d be dead
So I put him down, then I turned to you
Now I’m looking down the hole of an old .32
My whole life passed before my eyes
Just one look at your dark surprise
Oh, you look so sick
When you pulled that trigger
Lord, I swear I’ll walk if I hear that click
Yeah, I walked away and I never looked back
Just desperate souls in a broke down shack
So I walked one mile in my own shoes
Now you know I’ve got
Oh, I’ve got these .32 blues