Children of the Day — New Life lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "New Life" by Children of the Day.


I’m so glad you decided to turn your life
Over to Jesus
I’m so glad you decided to let Him in
There’s a new look on your face
And there’s a new hope in your eyes
And you’re smiling now like you never used to smile
It’s something you can’t explain
But it’s for real all the same
And you know that you could never put it into words
What you feel
It’s a new life — you know it, see and just stay
It’s a new life — old things have passed away
We know just what you’re going through
And we’re praying for you
That you will always live your life for Him
You never felt like this
The old life you will never miss
And I thank the Lord for bringing you to Him
Thank you, Lord!