Catch 22 — It Takes Some Time lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "It Takes Some Time" by Catch 22.


It takes some time
you look at me you don’t like what you see
I don’t like who I am
I can change, I can change.
It takes some time
in your factory
if there’s a recipe
just tell me what to do and I’ll slowly rearrange
It takes some time
so bare with me you’re always there with me looking in the mirror
it’s much clearer now, I hear ya now
echoes in my ear I can change but do I want to?
nevermind… every time… what you say… when you want it Find myself inside myself and no one else can find it for me Find myself all by myself and no one else can find it for me It takes some time
too much time with you
I don’t know what to do taking time is wasting time
and I’m not wasting away mine
someone is telling me, yelling and selling me to their whole crew
rendezvous (rendezvous)
It takes some time
so don’t bother me you don’t like what you see
looking in the mirror
it’s much clearer now I hear myself
echoes in my ears, I can change but I don’t want to fine the way I am, I can change but choose not to It takes some time
but watch is gone
and all my clocks are wrong,
so I don’t have the time to change
(I can’t change for you)
or anyone
I think I’m enough fun
The way that I am and I’m finding new friends
and I’m fine and I’m not gonna change who I am