Carina Round — Backseat lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Backseat" by Carina Round.


We were sleeping in for years, letting go of our friends
Scaring our friends
We were seeing clear and closing our eyes
And our lashes intertwined
The things you find in the backseat of your mind
What you find
And we filled each others footprints in the snow
Full of warm red alcohol
We were learning to make the world stand still
And it will, but untill
Do I lie in the backseat of your mind?
Do I lie?
Just a second and were gone
Just an imprint when were done
It should be forever
God told me We’re born into the wrong time
(Whatever you’re doing, I’m there with you)
(God bless you)
(Whatever I’m doing, you’re here with me)
(God bless you)