Caracal — Cheers to Love lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Cheers to Love" by Caracal.


Don’t we all have our frustrations, yeah
Don’t we all want to learn some patience
Don’t we all want some attention, yeah
Don’t we all wanna praise our existence.
But it’s so tiring to feel the pain and it’s so painful to feel that it’s
impossible to love again.
Oh my god I’m a stranger, to myself and nothings left for you.
Oh my god I’m a sinner, against what the freaks call love.
Oh my god I do not know love, I close my eyes to pretend it doesn’t hurt.
Oh my god I do not know love, I open my eyes in hopes of finding you there.
I close my eyes and I count to ten,
I can never find a heart to settle in.
Who’s watching, who’s watching you now, yea. This is more captivating than the
light, a light that doesn’t shine it doesnt ever shine.
It gives a hope that dies.
I wish i was alive.
So go ahead and make me an offer, place your cards across the table.
We’ve been here for too long, and this has got to stop.
Nothing’s okay, I’ve been lying to you.
Nothing’s okay, I’ve been putting on airs.
I cannot trust myself, this has gone too far.
This has gone too far.
Don’t we all just wanna feel alive.
So here’s to love and all the pain that it requires. So what is love,
I just wanna feel alive yea.