Cam Meekins — The Road lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Road" by Cam Meekins.


Say they love Cam, well I’m back again
Tour around the states, tryin' to see the fans
And I ain’t really got no major plans
Tryin to live my fuckin life to the best I can
Say you got flows but your music flop
Can’t pick one flow, gotta change a lot
Thats why imma always stay on top
So you can play this shit loud while the ass drop
Smokin' papers on the road (road, road)
Takin' vitamins for these hoes (hoes, hoes)
Its Mr. Make-a-Mixtape
Ain’t give a fuck for years
Im out here in the city where they filmed the show «Cheers»
I mean, Im getting paper like Im Jerry Seinfeld
And they try to tell me stop, I couldn’t read the sign well
Its like, Im seeing things I never dreamed that I would see tho
Got the girls on they knees, thinking I was Tebow
Trying to press rewind on my life, no TiVo
But then I said fuck that, Imma do me tho
They wanna talk shit bout Cam, that ain’t my problem
I got the illest fans in the game, I know you want 'em
Me and Lamp City keep it real all day
Problems like A&R's we dont even want 'em
Y’all know Im just doin me
And know that Im the one like two below three
They say «that shits tight man I fuck with the team»
But I give them the cold shoulder like the buffalo breeds
While you done gone from the one whose poppin'
To watchin yo album floppin'
Im in the stu' workin hard to insure that I got it
You caving in to the pressure of making pop records
I build a fan base slowly, get the top records
But I dont need no blah co-signs to go shine
Im well associated like model bitches and coke lines
That line might of been a little too much
Im just hope me and my fan base never lose touch
I just gotta laugh when they tell me Im taking long
The same reason these dumb ass rappers dont stay for long
You might write some verses but know that we made the song
You should scratch tickets to decide where you get your paper from
Im really serious when i say I wanna be «that dude»
Grindin till its four in the morning writing a rap tune
Shoot a video real quick, gotta be back soon to make a mix tape in ten days
like that Chance dude
From deadline to deadline you better get it done
My girl at home waitin and Im thinkin she the one
Like you waitin for the bus but its never gonna come
Unless you get a little ambition just to go get it done
Smokin' papers on the road (road, road)
Takin' vitamins for these hoes (hoes, hoes)
Smokin' papers on the road (road, road)
Takin' vitamins for these hoes, hoes, hoes, hoes, hoes, hoes, hoes