Cam Meekins — Stupid lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stupid" by Cam Meekins.


Sometimes I think
I was born to be a sinner
Like J cole L. P
In high school we all bumped Cole man
Y’all couldn’t tell me
Shit, I was like seventeen just got the whip
Used to burn the mixed cd and ride around smoke weed
Was tryna make a profit
But I couldn’t do the math
Now my words speak life
Shoutout to my homie Av
And just last week someone pointed out what I didn’t have
But if I had listen to those role models I would still be in class
I grew up in the suburbs
Where they keep you on a path
Where the value of a dollar was something that most kids couldn’t grasp
Music and culture
A place about business and vultures
Where the idea of a rap album
Was some shit that made people laugh
I knew I didn’t fit in
So I never went to class
Spent a lot of time in the city
And I identified with that
We all come from different backgrounds man you don’t know the half
We can all see eye to eye when it comes to laying down a track
When I was younger the white kids would laugh and say I was acting black
The black kids would call me a fag until they heard me on a track
It’s all good
Cuz I exist
At least I have that
Just loop this piano and shit man
But I be all bad
Maybe what you think I do is stupid
But it really means a lot to me
And I’m sorry I didn’t see you last week
We didn’t even get a chance to speak
But you know this shit was hard growing up
But you know it’s all good now
Baby it’s me
And I promise I won’t change for the world
Let’s all try and be the best we can be
Cuz it’s all good now it’s all good
Don’t think about it even though you should
Just let it go
Cuz we got you
Don’t let me go
Cuz I got you
The other day I saw my high school teacher and he was like «hey
How are things going Cam?
I heard they’re going great»
Everyone 'round here’s proud of you for taking that break
From college, even though we all thought that it was a mistake
My other friend texted me asking how I was doing
She said «how 'bout those plans for college? Are those all ruined?»
I guess it takes a lot for people to believe in you
But that just motivated me
To go say fuck your degree
You gotta grind a little bit harder man
Just wait you’ll all see
In like 3 years with a buyin'
I was still so me
Am I ever gonna make it?
What do they say about me?
I’ll probably never get the respect I feel that I deserve be
Now there’s E-Mail's and messages like «I'm so proud of you»
From the same people that once said «look Cam I’m doubting you»
At sixteen I let em' know what I was about to do
And they laughed well guess what look
The joke’s on you