Cam Meekins — Soul lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Soul" by Cam Meekins.


One of the illest to ever do it, my attitude is high like my latitude,
like the swag of a catholic dude
And I’m pure, more than what’s meeting the eye, and I’m raw like a cheeseburger,
pizza, and fries
The diet of a struggling artist, and nah my hunger never will tarnish
I clear my throat and it’s back to bombardment, when I attack, it’s a rap,
like a Christmas gift
Why do you rap is it only to get bitches' dick?
I ain’t concerned with the problems facing our generation, just lay back roll a
spliff, try to stay meditated
I’m elevated, like American Airlines and bankrupt, they wanna know about the
government they stay corrupt
And I ain’t made a dollar yet, but I got to pay taxes on what I already spent