Cam Meekins — PEACE lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "PEACE" by Cam Meekins.


They say peace is what you make
Peace when you wake
Peace when you go to leave
Peace when you make up
When I was young I always wondered if I’d find my peace throughout this life
everlasting I pray the least
Create the bare minimum feast but peace to the old days peace to the old maid
and peace to the homie
In church they say peace be with you buy when you leave why you never take
peace with you
At least it seems many things are better practiced then preached I try to teach
through my music then I realize I had to find me
With every peace that your given you better take that leap
Weather the bottom or the top of it you learn through peace
I knew this girl actually she was a grown woman
Had to be hard on the real she raised five children
And one of them was me and see
I gave her peace in my mind
But as I grew older I learned to find peace in the time
Your babys turned into a grown man Tryin to make his own plan influenced by
money and women with the Coke Can bodies
But sloppily I just been Chillin in the lobby
Not makin it to the top floor cause arrogance would stop me
Fall in love with the journey but when it’s all done
It will never be how you planned it you will never predict the outcome and you
might wonder how come they could never reach this universal phenomenon that I
call peace and uh.
Keep the drums simple and shit just remember living with Phil he always killing
his shit if I was you I would find something your willing to do if I was you uh.
And I know its hard for you too understand it but granted it ain’t that hard
to be can did Damn it can’t y’all please just stop rambling and scrambling and
finds your peace and keep standing.
They wanna give you a piece of the pie take a piece get you high
Been hustling these beats from the streets to the shy
Labels want a piece they say piece but they lie
I’m tired of sitting and wondering if it’s only peace when you die
Why it gotta take a class getting shot to make a change
Why every kid in the city not get a shot to make a good grade
Why you need a punchline to think that I’m great
These rappers lookin for the Seinfeld dvd and can’t find a lane
Peace it’s while she’s sitting about while she ridin me and her titties is out
Peace is waking up early and cooking some breakfast and going basketball and
getting some neck first
I mean I’m really trying to be that better person
Yeah sometimes I’m lying but for better or worse
Realize peace was never meant to be perfect
Cause when you find your peace you know that out was worth uh.