Budo — Istanbul lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Istanbul" by Budo.


Loved one
Even his wife don’t know his name
Pulled forth
Distracted time and time again
Searching turns to longing and confused with growing old
He’s growing up
He’s getting worse
Born to love
Those wires crossed bridges without sight
No faces all the shepards look like clouds
Inside the multiple loving memories of family and friends
He’s moving on
He’s standing still
Gave it time
But all that pressure seems to build
Inside the mirror plated walls of his ideas
Always racing, never winning
Chasing Mary in the snow
She isn’t there
She’s far from home
And now he’s old
Too far along to even hope
Paper maché disintegrates out in the rain
He’s just a skeleton of dreams
Left at the mercy of the breeze
He feels so sad
He doesn’t know