Brook Benton — Think Twice lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Think Twice" by Brook Benton.


You don’t know how much you hurt me When you broke our precious vows
But I can’t stop loving you
I know it’s too late to turn back now
Though I said, «Go on, be happy, bless you, child»
I thought you could guess somehow
My secret heart was saying
«Man, it’s too late to turn back now»
Was I a fool from the start
Building castles in the skies?
Or did I just dream I saw
Heaven shining in your eyes?
If you knew how much I love you, yes, I do Oh, my darling, your heart would bow
Mmm, yes, you’d know, you’d know why I have said
«It's too late to turn back now»
(Too late to turn back now)
Yes, I love you
(Too late to turn back now)