Brook Benton — Mother Nature, Father Time lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mother Nature, Father Time" by Brook Benton.


You’re way on top now
And you’re having a ball
You’ve got the world on a string
You think you’ve got everything
But you’ve got nothing at all
'Cause one day, you’ll wake up On the other side of the hill
Oh, if Mother Nature don’t stop you
Father time will
The pace that you’re setting
You know it’s too fast
Tomorrow, you’ll have no future
And there’s nothing worth
Thinking of from your past
You’re just breaking yourself
Robbing your own till
If Mother Nature don’t stop you
Father Time sure will
Listen, you’re heading
In the wrong direction
You’re running from true love
And affection
I’m taking life seriously
To you, it’s just a thrill
You better watch Mother Nature
Or Father Time surely will
Father Time sure will