Breaking Point — Killing With Kindness lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Killing With Kindness" by Breaking Point.


I held my tongue too many times
Even though i should have spoke my mind
And i have nothing nice to say
So i won’t say anything at all
And now i’ve swallowed my pride
And i’ve ignored i’ve even lied
But nothing compares to what you put me through
And all the hate and the bliss
But now it comes down to this
When everything just turns around right back to you
I’ll kill you with kindness
I can’t take this fighting
And i won’t be driven by my fears
I’ll kill you with kindness
I won’t break the silence
And I won’t be driven by my fears
I close my eyes and realize
That maybe there’s something i’ve left behind
But everything i saw in you
Was the furthest thing from the truth
And now you’ve pushed me to the edge
When all my love for you is dead
And i won’t let you walk all over me And i’ve taken all that i can bare
But no one said that life is fair
Cause i can’t take another day with you
And i’m sick of your complaining
When you’re the one who’s changing
I’ll kill you with kindness