Boyinaband — Dead Fast Rap lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Dead Fast Rap" by Boyinaband.


Right here
In the dead of night I’m thinking one of us will die here
Looking dead frightened
Better not fight it because I bet
You knew from the beginning you’d be getting roped into this
Like a deadbeat dad at his kid’s bar mitzah
Bored to death like a drill in the ribs half dead Schrodinger thinks
I won’t play dead, ban Karthus
If you thinking you’ll be living you’d be dead wrong
Oh you want to escape?
Fine, sign right here
Psych you just signed your death warrant
Ha ha ha ha you’re mine
Now run little piggy until I find a knife and inscribe a dead letter on your
Repeat the process until I get the blue screen of death
ERROR: Does not compute
Then you better bet I’m going to press execute
You’re looking ever so cute when you’re cautious
Might even need to say — drop dead gorgeous
Screaming out to be set free
It’s hopeless you know, you get me My accent says these hallows are deathly
So class, who wants the dead hopes?
Ooh ooh me sir!
Death note
This Shinigami’s dead sure
We’re rap rap rapping at death’s door here
Knock knock
Who’s that?
Dave killing this beat
It’s a death trap
Got a teeny request for you there
Could you bleed to death? I got to dye my hair
That’s a killing streak, it’s obvious
In a dead long list of accomplishments
Every murdering spree I tend to kill at least eight
That makes me an octopus
Last call for the nice puns
Then the line goes dead when the deadline comes
And I’m piercing your ear drums next so I guess this stud will make you bleed
to deaf