Boyinaband — Brother Sister Battle Rap lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Brother Sister Battle Rap" by Boyinaband.


Look Bro,
If you refuse to change the channel back
I’m forced to counteract with the Brother Sister Battle Rap
If you don’t revoke and pass back the remote
So I can input the code, I’ll have to go for your throat
I’ll attack fast and that’s that
And then when I snap you’re gonna be taken aback, in fact
The aftermath will hit you so hard
It’ll shatter your shadow into shards like smashed glass
We’ll watch what I want, and if you got a problem
I’ve got a problem solver and its name is Chainsaw
So wait your turn, or you’re gonna pay for that
I’ll grind through your spine like you were paperback
There’s only one winner in this battle and its gonna be me
I think you’ll find I’m on a fatality spree
You better believe that I’ll be leaving you in agony, D Then there’ll be one less leaf on this family tree
So it’s come to this, Sis
I’d be remiss to ignore the warnings you’ve provided me with
Except it seems you missed one important fact:
I’ll destroy your ass in a battle rap!
So leave the TV on the crime channel
Because there’s nothing else on more relevant to this rhyme battle
My classy eloquence will stomp you flat
Like an elephant, with a monocule, and a pompous hat
I’m in my element and keep this in mind
The only way I’ll be taken aback is when I rip out your spine
My wit is so sharp and on fire
You may as well have challenged a Charizard made out of barbed wire
So when I am tearing the worst of your first degree burns with these words
Remember you’ve should set an alarm for the re-runs
Or you could just have waited for UK Style +1
D. I. Y. S. O. S. isn’t on UK Style I don’t think
And even if it is, I’m not waiting 60 minutes
I’ve things to do you know
Like freezing your Charizard ass
With my Articuno flow, you slowbro
With one quick kick you’ll keel over in pain
I’ll bottle you while you kneel over a drain
Rip out your stomach and watch you trip and fall
So when I say you don’t have the guts for this
It’ll be literal, bro
I’ll grab your arm and ampitate it with an antique blade
and then I’ll cauterise with vinegar to emphasize the ample pain and
When you get a prosthetic, forget it
I’ll rip it straight from your socket again
And then while you find you’re incapacitated
Hit you in the neck with it until you’re finally decapitated
You’d wish you’d been emancipated
If you weren’t dead that is!
Very funny Sis
That was a corker!
May have put the laughter in slaughter
But I’ll put the «ache» in your trachea
When I attack ya'
With a sharpened spatula
And I can imagine
That would take an excruciatingly long time to pierce your skin
I can’t even begin to describe the kind of writhing you’d be in And I don’t think feigning you’re in pain
Will save you when I maim your voicebox
With a razor blade until your voice drops deep
Like Tay Zonday
Let me put this into perspective
Change the channel back to Forensic Detectives
Or you’ll be on the next Forensic Detectives
Did you just rhyme the same thing tw-
Don’t interupt sis
Or you’ll be needin' serious corrective cosmetics
So silence
I’ll hurt you at home, call it domestic violence
Did you seriously think you’d win
Oh hang on-
Do you just wanna watch The Weakest Link?
‘Cuz it’s on