Bootsy Collins — Landshark [Just When You Thought It Was Safe] lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Landshark [Just When You Thought It Was Safe]" by Bootsy Collins.


Hey, you know you can’t get there from here
It’s just when you thought it was safe, sucker
Here’s Bootsy
P.U. Well I am the landshark, bubba
The long-awaited, duplicated, anticipated, aggravated
…Another monster of a doll, baby-bopper P.U.
You got the P-mopper U-bopper, hit me Shake it all the way from P.U., P.U.
Yeah, and do drop in but don’t drop out, bopper P.U.
There’s something in the way you move
I like that that that that
C’mon shake that stuff
Little girl, I like the way you move
I like your actions
Somehow I get satisfaction
Everytime I see you, girl
Little girl, you know I love you so But you’re just putting me on, on hold
I asked my next-door neighbor
What’s wrong with me, yeah
If you wanna be a playboy
You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta be free, yeah
Shake it, an' put a wiggle in your wobble, baby-bobble
An' let’s get them bodies workin' P.U. shake it baba
Shake it shake it Get up and get on it Get up and pump your body
Pump pump pump your body
(*repeat 4 times)
I like to see you walkin' down the street
Ooh baby, why don’t ya wait for me?
The time is right, it’s dynamite
Let’s get together and do something freaky
Shake it shake it, baba
Yeah, this is the final shake down
In P.U.S. of A.
Shake it, baba
C’mon an'
Hey hey hey hey
Check check check your body
Check check check your body
Check check check your body