Bone Thugs-N-Harmony — Walk This Way (feat. Big B) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Walk This Way (feat. Big B)" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.


Walk This Way, Talk This Way
Ain’t nothing for my crew that I won’t do
Riding on the freeway, Rolling in that Six Deuce
On some Bombbay, yeah we drink that shit too
Yes we got that wolf pack backwoods with the best weed in it
Ain’t no seeds in it, ain
Everytime I roll through
You know what I go to
Sitting on my Six Deuce
Yeah that shit’s the pimp juice
Twizzy on his shit too
Everytime I’m up I throw some cheese in it, breathe in it, make sure ain’t no
seeds in it
We roll it up, light it, fold it up and you can get it
Man that weapon looking perfect, but the niggas inside are lifted yeah
Where the players are real niggas for assistance
Introduce you to my new flow, weed’s back?
Keep on walking and talking and I’m hawking angels in the dark
Wake up, without a spark, spark up, the fire starts to crackle?
Attack of the track like blah
Spack of the slack to the back of the studio?
Now give me a stack for Eric, Stack stacking vocals exactly
Move to the rap game, rapping
I’m Eazy’s rabbit but it passed me
Tortuous ways of extortion and that piece
I’m beasting? for ever more I’m on my Cheech
I’m beasting on the floor, keep a cypher on my streets
My niggas love to pour, out they soul and they my peeps
For keeping me informed, on my publishing so sweet
I couldn’t get it more, It’s how everyone else thinks
I could’ve hated more, your so bad I just not chic
I couldn’t m? ore, OK trigger please don’t speak
Little baby it’s all good, you can walk up on anything
Cause we gon' keep it hood, To the one that’s on everything bang bang bang
I’m the pride of your granny Pearl
I reside and a fan of Earl the symmetry of my world and my life is constantly
High enough to be social, zone out wit' a glass of Bourbon
I’m pearling, swerving on the freeway, purposely, close curtain
Most certainly, keep the purple, and liquor when I’m hurting
Get money my nigga let’s get it, don’t drop it?
Bling bling nigga?
Ding ding in the ring it’s crazy
Seen things that’ll make you hate me
Get money get money have babies
And I have a few Redbulls when I get too faded
And I’m on my 1's and 2's when I get too jaded
And if you knew dude just waiting having fun
Have enough 'fore we blow out
Get you dumb
Make you really wanna go and just
Smoke someone, choke someone, poke someone
Some of us get a bottle, drink and throw up some
You don’t know your problems 'til you chalk it up and grow up some
Hold up son, slow your roll and blow it up
You should show us some
In the mean time I be folding something