Bone Thugs-N-Harmony — Bone (feat. Tanieya Weathington) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Bone (feat. Tanieya Weathington)" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.


I love my children
God can get another divorce, of course baby
Every Goddamn month, as long as I floss baby
I can’t even? , I’m grinding 'bout my business
But I’m taking the Playstation and I’m kicking it with bitches
Sipping on an Apple Martini on granny’s porch
Yeah I called her granny I was an orphan
And I’m back on my ether grinding support on my porcelain
Light on the side of this rocking chair reserved for bosses
Wit' Tip, Black and Milds, we be thinking?
Back wit' Metacalfe, homie up for extortion, nigga
Went away
I contemplated my return
But now im back and here to remain
And make it burn baby burn baby
How ya been? Introduce me to your friend
I see her checking me out
Back on the scene
My demeanor
Finna put these bitches to the test
Rest assured
Measure up to your niggas Flesh
I got a raw state of mind
And that raw state of mind got me on the borderline of doing crime
I promise
Do what I can on my children smoking weed
She got stitches in her face, take a piss like Mami B I’m heated
You’ll never see it, that’s just the way I?
Down in Cleveland wit' my niggas no more kids wit' raggedy bitches hey!
One hundred chemists killed the city like Biggie did
Hell yeah I (carried?) with any nigga I kicked it with
E’ry nigga in the hood I protect Pac better than Suge
Puffy is better wit' Big, Bone thugs-n-Harmony stood
Mo Thug is all for the bud, they think Kray killed rock
Naw he Jehovah witness spitting on your wicked blocks