BLUME — Freia lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Freia" by BLUME.


Sitting on a stone, I stare
At the seacliffs down below:
They’re almost hidden in the mist
And only enlightened by the moon
Where’s that sweet and tender love
That once covered me with grace?
And those eyes, those shining lights!
Eternal gems in Heaven’s air
Oh, Freia!
Loud and bold my voice is calling
For your love
Like drops of summer rains, the tears
Run down my heart
Arise and stab my gloominess!
Oh, Freia!
He, who saddens thinking of your smile
Is here to ask
For absolution and forgiveness;
He waits for dawn
But the Sun won’t rise again
As lonely as that pale lighthouse
Surrounded by the fog
I wander now in the dark night