Blueprint — Tramp lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Tramp" by Blueprint.


I never shoulda fooled with you
I saw you walkin down the block, THEN, you was new
And too fly for you to not have a dude wit’chu
I made a bet with the fellas I’m scoopin you (Tramp!)
Got the number, now I’m thinkin I’m the smoothest dude
Like I’m super smooth, I was a stupid dude
I took you on the road with me, makin moves wit’chu
I bought you flowers, even ate Chinese food wit’chu (Tramp!)
I shoulda knew the scoop
Every week another dude says he copped a room wit’chu
First I was skeptical until they came through with proof
Then they told me all about the tattoos on you (Tramp!)
What did I do to you
Except tell you every day you were beautiful
But for you this is business as usual
Very little thought goes into choosin who you do it to (Tramp!)
Who woulda knew
That I was just another dumb dude you could use
I wasn’t even concerned about losin you
You got me mixed up like a Rubix' Cube, you (Tramp!)
I fell in love with a (Tramp!)
Why you gotta act like a (Tramp!)
I can’t deal with you actin fake
Get out my face you scandalous (Tramp!) (Tramp!)
(Wants you right on home in your car) What they do?
(She wants you no whomever you are) What they be tryin to do?
(Wants you right on home in your car) Oh what else she do? What else?
(She wants you no whomever you are)
Ah-ha, huh, don’t try to front youse a (Tramp!)
Yeah I know it’s you
At the bar tryin to flirt with them older dudes
They love young girls, they goin crazy over you
You told your life story but you never told the truth (Tramp!)
At a bar where you go to school
Runnin game on a dude that don’t know your moves
Got 'em comin out the pockets spendin dough on you
But 50/50 on a room is the most I would do (Tramp!)
If I call you out it’s overdue
But I gotta set you up before exposin you
Fest said you never quit, I said so true
He told me I should ask you if you know Brew you (Tramp!)
C’mere for a minute, pull up a stool
I smiled, ordered a drink, acted sociable
Then asked if you know Brew, you said you don’t know dude
Fest called you a liar, you said oh — Brew? (Tramp!)
There’s no hope for you
Fest started laughin then he said see Pun I told you
I said I had to hear it comin from you
Cause if you boned Brew then you probably boned the whole crew you (Tramp!)
You said he was in love wit’chu
And that it happened way before I got up wit’chu
And that he hated on you cause he really wanted you
Cause you insisted that I’m the one you’re loyal to But this ain’t about hate
This is about you bein fake
And tellin lie after lie until you’re blue in the face
But I know the truth, cause Prism got you on tape you (Tramp!)