Blueprint — The Climb lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Climb" by Blueprint.


Smooth as the mood that we need on the set
Explore new techniques so I’m never bored
Even when I feel depressed, I press on Always …, cause music is everything
You can’t see it all cause you’re a few points…
Expand your frame of art until you can picture it Supporters get the storage
I think I know why
They ‘re focused on the peek
But I’m focused on the climb
You can never know it all and a man’s styles
A hole on the sand and your hands on the beach
A walk on every inch and layin' on your feet
But even know you can’t
You still feel …
I’m fascinated about the sound so I have to speak
I never write rhymes just because the beat bangs
I write rhymes cause I need things I got to say
I’m never forced to… even though I’m getting paid
I wouldn’t care
Even if it’s so nice and…
You see what I did there, I shouted at the greats
But not even this so don’t get it twisted
It’s just what my crew says when they hear them spit
Everybody raps so I lie when I dance
I say I even work behind a desk and a boss
And I don’t wanna tell them
It sounds like shit
See crackin' the day I would probably tell the truth
But now I got a lot less to prove
I learned what is best to let people do what they do