Blueprint — Radio-Inactive lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Radio-Inactive" by Blueprint.


It’s my time I’m 'bout to blow
You slept first, but now you know
The rap game, a thousand clones
All worried about their clothes
I used to chill at my home
Now I’m all about the road
Movin lockin down the shows
Hit the tele, count the dough
Shake hands, make plans, rent vans, make fans, god damn
This is how a little boy became a man
You want the fame and all the riches
Big name model bitches
But you don’t want to hustle twice as hard to try to get it You gotta a lot to whine about
While you talking, wild n out
I’m posted outside the club
Workin passin flyers out
What’s Prints life about?
The same thing I rhyme about
Make good music and give my fans something to smile about
You outta try it out
We like to call it honesty, its the best policy
The reason why they follow me My reputation precedes me The rap game needs me Cause I do the impossible, but I make it look easy
Now all the underdogs wanna take shots at my figure
Cause I’m eatin real big and didn’t invite them to dinner
You wasn’t there when I put it in the oven
So when its time to break bread cousin, don’t ask me for nothin
Everybody got a rhyme, if not a rhyme they gotta beat
If not ki’s of cocaine
They all packin heat
So what they really tellin me, when they ain’t outsellin me And everything they say and do is fueled by their jealousy
I know you’re tryin to politic
And I’m only involved with it So you can get in the game, take the ball and then run with it They tried to hit me with the same thing that you fell for
«Make it more commercial Print, you probably would sell more»
But I’m eating now, so I’m like «what the hell for?»
Tellin me to change only makes me rebel more
But radio don’t want that, print don’t fit the format
Tell dude to change it up, and maybe he can come back
I made this in my basement, when you wasn’t even there
To express my feelings, not to be played on the air
So am I wrong or secure if I really don’t care
If this ever turns into something that anybody hears
Man I’m an artist, these other dudes sI write my album on my sidekick, no paper,
no notebooks
Then rhyme for five minutes straight with no breaks and no hooks
No punch-lines, no similes, so I’m easy to overlook
But Grooveshack, Theives World, Expo, Scribble Jam
I’ve been around in every single era and I’m still the man
And while I may not get the same hype as the next man
Everything in my life is going according to his plan
So thank god for every fan, every single listener
Who told me to make the art, you don’t gotta switch it up You put it out, we’ll pick it up. Do you, stay strong
You’re the main reason we don’t turn our radios on