Blueprint — My Culture lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "My Culture" by Blueprint.


That’s my culture | my culture | that’s what it’s all about |
that’s my culture
Imma keep it short, cause my time is short | This aint a game to me, I don’t rhyme for sportThis is life in the fast lane, speeding
until I get caught | The last days of Jimi Hendrix looking for
lines to snort | This is the big one, cause Pac and B.I.G. done |
They had a quick run, but now they victims to big guns | Same
with Big L, they haven’t charged anyone | It’s a heavy load, the
weight took Big Pun | They sprayed jam master jay, nobody know
the truth | Lupus took Jay Dee, shooters took big proof | They
laying in the cut, posted up on the roof | You got enough fame
they might even come for you | They got Busta’s bodyguard,
nobody said a thing | The game is getting deep, AIDs came for
Easy E | They found Saddam in a hole across the globe | But can’t
find killers living in the same zip code | You think it’s funny? man
ain’t no coincidences | You getting money here? they probably
want you outta business | Go head and start trouble, they’ll take
you out without a witness | Or have you spending life behind
barbed wire fences
That’s my culture | my culture | that’s what it’s all about |
that’s my culture (2x)
I’m talking about, young ass cats with federal indictments |
Busted for hand to hands, but ran instead of fightin it | Last thing I heard they was headed for the islands | Rather be a fugitive than
a 25-to-lifer | I play the pied piper, the livest writer | Mercenary
mic for hire cause I write the fire | So ease back soldier, hold
your spot | You talking like a high roller, we know you’re not |
I’ll Maltoff all yall, blow your spot | Sounding like broads
rhyming about the clothes you got | Sometimes I look at yall
and wonder what the fuck on your mind | Look around you, we living in some troubling times | Iran and North Korea building
nuclear bombs | Iraq and Afghanistan caught up in our wars |
So when these rappers only rap about a home or a broad | Its
cause they don’t know what’s happening at home or abroad |
Protect your intelligence, they might insult ya | Hip-hop been
dead, man it’s time for the vultures | I’m just trying to get mine
in before it’s all over | Cause who the fuck wanna die for they