Blueprint — Liberated lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Liberated" by Blueprint.


Gotta work every day
I thought I saw what Malcolm Little saw
Ah-ha, thought I saw it I thought I saw what Malcolm Little saw
I thought I saw what Malcolm Little saw inside the game
That made him wanna draw an X across his last name
Dig inside himself and make a change
The turnin point from which things could never be the same
I’m talkin liberation — it seems no matter how far you make it Somebody’s out to sabotage what you hold sacred
It doesn’t mean as much to them as it means to you
They only do it cause it’s the cool thing to do But they don’t understand the things you do They don’t understand what it means to you to see your dreams come true
They wasn’t up late night losin sleep wit’chu
They wasn’t practicin the same routine all week as you
They didn’t have to earn respect in the same scene as you
On tour wearin the same thing for a week or two
At first them chicks didn’t want to speak to you
But now they tryin to get backstage to sneak a peek at you
I try to tell myself, don’t let it define you
Don’t let the limelight you’re standin in blind you
Don’t internalize it, don’t let it get inside you
Appreciate the love you get but don’t let it guide you
Don’t let those other people make your life a mess
Way too many artists build their self-esteem around the press
Cause when the press loves you and the people don’t respond
You feel like the fans owe you somethin and you’re gettin robbed
My man Lo said it’s best to do it for the people
Cause there’s no hidden agends when they speak to you
But think about what MC’s do They say things to you, because they want things from you
Now right or wrong I gotta think about what I say
Cause people overanalyze my words because I got a name
Like my opinion means more because I got some fame
But in God’s eyes we’re all the same
I’m liberated («People in this country, are confused»)
I’m liberated («They are fed lies, from the highest level»)
Yo, you know we had the baddest motherf**kin unit back in the days son
Inkwell, Plead the 5th and Logic
Shabazz, Greenhouse, Soul Position
Who’s Who, The Orphange, The Minor League, Greenhouse
And if you’ve ever heard me talk about it you can tell
Greenhouse Effect ain’t the same without Inkwell
Me and Fest don’t know if we should write more songs
Or leave well enough alone and let bygones be bygones
And that’ll leave you brokenhearted
And have you feelin like you can’t finish what you started
Sometimes I feel like I can’t lead my team well enough
And say the right things to keep 'em all inspired, it’s ill
I guess that’s just how it is
I’ve seen women kill more careers than any whack album did
When she met you, she loved your songs
But later on she made you feel like what you do is wrong
Now she tellin you you’re not givin your heart
Because you can’t find a way to put her before your art
They used to be attracted to rock stars
Now all the sudden, she wants you to get a desk job
Even if you don’t, she she treats you funny
Even though you’re the one that’s bringin in the money
Ha, but God don’t like ugly
And you wouldn’t act that way if you really loved me I feel it in my heart and I know I’m not wrong
You don’t love me, you just hate bein alone
Your life lacks meaning when I’m gone
You can’t do anything on your own but I’m gone now and
I’m liberated («So do we say that it’s time, to begin anew?»)
I’m liberated («That it’s time to stop goin along
with rhethoric and bullshit that you cannot endurse us»)
I’m liberated («So we say, that we recognize that freedom is indivisible»)
I’m liberated («A republic for people to have in them self respect»)
(«Because, that’s all it’s about, that’s all human dignity is about»)
(«It's about individuals, it’s about all of us»)
(«But it’s also about, one’s own self-respect»)