Blueprint — Keep Bouncing lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Keep Bouncing" by Blueprint.


Drop a hundred on food, another hun on drinks | Aint put a dime
in my bank account in six weeks | Too drunk to care, too cool to count | Ball til I fall, or at least until the checks bounce | Been
at the same spot 12 hours straight | Lost track of time, I aint
even ate | Shakin hands, kissin babies | Drunk as hell making
out with busted-ass ladies | Drinks keep magically appearing in my hand | And as they dissappear I feel more like a man | The
look of a grown man you know aint playin | Your new best friend
if I aint the one payin | I probably wouldn’t kick it with yall if I was sober | Vagrant, dick out, pissin in the corner | When
they throw me out, that’s when the party’s over | Until then I’m
going hard. I’m a soldier
Dudes is mad cause he never got back at em | chicks is mad
cause he played em like backgammon | Tall glass, double-up
on the scotch and seven | he goin hard like they just ended
prohibition | Short chick, think I like her | Face cool, body fire
Told him in '06 he became her favorite writer | right after
«Boombox» and «blame it on the jagermeister» | She said she
like the gap in his smile | and if he’s too drunk he can crash at her house | All excited, he aint about to calm her down | cause
now his dicks' harder than impressing Simon Cowell | Wow! I love a chick with a plan | But right now I need another beer in my hand | No offense, but I ain’t listenin man | I came here to kick it not to hear your shitty band
Keep bouncing, Bouncing, Bouncing | Keep Keep Bouncing
Keep bouncing, Bouncing, Bouncing | Keep Keep Bouncing
Bounce baby c’mon bounce | Bounce baby c’mon bounce
Bounce baby c’mon bounce | We’re bouncing, We’re bouncing