Blueprint — Corner Store Showdown lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Corner Store Showdown" by Blueprint.


Corner store in any U.S. town
Barber shop next door, church two doors down
Tire shop is adjacent, owned by Africans
Talk politics and get your flat fixed
On summer nights, the block looks a lot like Freaknik
Park across the street, but don’t nobody picnic
Usually used for drug sales and hitting licks
There’s only one way into and one way out of it Store owner got a big ass gun
Known to be the first to pull out and last to run
They say he got a benz he won’t even drive to the store
He know his business does better if he looks like he’s poor
His store’s wack, but it’s always packed
Make me wonder if he’s really selling coke out the back, hmmm
Last thing that my neighborhood needs
I’mm writing «greed» on his shit when his bitch ass leaves
But not tonight, now I’m just casing the joint
So when I do hit it up, my shit can be on point
Did the stats, I’m posted at the best spot possible; a bench inside the park
with night-vision binoculars
Did a double take, adjusted my focus familiar face walking by that look just
like «oh shit!»
Cat by the name of Anthony Portis
As luck would have it, he’s number four on my list
I knew he lived close but he was hard to find
No car, no employment record of any kind
Life time drug addict, real grimy
Did time for raping chicks and missed most of the 90s
Still running wild at 45
Probably rob an old lady if it help him survive
He’s skinny as fuck, results of his lifetime addiction
But not who I fought with and suspected of killing the kid
Thought about leaving, but stuck around
When I seen him creep behind the store into the alley and crouch down
My mommy ain’t raise no dummies
He either about to get high or about to try to get money
Came back, hand tucked in his carhartt jacket
Ski mask on his face and a long ass ratchet
So I learned over and grabbed my video camera
If it’s about to go down then I’m about to catch it He waited on the last car to leave the lot
Walked up backwards, took a last pull of the pot
Swung around towards the counter, big ass gun cocked
«I want the cash and the drugs or your ass getting' shot!»
My dude got balls, but he lost his mind
For even thinking that the owner was alone at night
They usually roll deep right around closing time so while he emptied out the
register they crept up behind
Two shot hit him right in his spine
While he struggled not to fall, the owner pointed his nine
Let off a couple, sounded like the fourth of July
He was head but they still shot his ass twenty times
Horrified, I scream to myself and wait for the gunshots to end so I can plan my escape
Reach over to my bag put my goggles away
Take the camera off the tripod, eject my tape