Blueprint — Automatic lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Automatic" by Blueprint.


Ease up, my feet is up, sittin' on my re-up | the whip paid cash
not worried about a lease up | Harassing my assets, talking
about a freeze up | IRS want taxes all they get is these nuts |
Need much more before you see him lose his stride | his body’s
airborn but his minds pool side | Got options, scoff at the thought
of do-or-die | your attempts at getting live only end in suicide |
You scared of hard work, he at the pad doing yard work |
shittin on the industry and all of circle-jerks | Perks for the
verse, VIP cause the beat bang | step up your work ethic maybe
we hang | when I’m bored again | just might take you under
wing | the overlordean scores again | you still and underling |
if you’re looking for an image of what this all means | it’s a Delorean | my music is the future it seems | it’s automatic
Automatic (4x)
Fly as I can be | To see eye-to-eye with me you probably gotta
climb a tree | No more sweat-pants or 5x white tees | Stop
turning every skirt that flirt into wife-piece | No begging for
bitches or begging for listeners | Its hard enough making hard
work seem effortless | You want a deeper meaning inside of the sentences? | Then play the record backwards for subliminal
messages | I got the laser scope right on a sambo | Or posted
up a wifey’s house reading my manuals | Trying to make a soft-synth sound like a sample | Cause everybody want your
progress to seem more gradual | Like a born again | everything
about me is clean | Time to explore again | the music is a series of streams | If you’re looking for an image of what this
all means | It’s a Delorean | my music is the future it seems |
it’s automatic